Free Response

“The comix I like, and try to do, can be read slowly and often…. I try to make every panel count and sometimes work as long as a month on a page…. I’m excited by the ‘secret language’ of comics — the underlying formal elements that create the illusions” (24)

I think sometimes the details in the panels can be overlooked.  Readers may miss the hidden meaning because of how minute the elements of the comic are.  The masks are an obvious ‘secret language,’ however it’s details like the string that holds them to their face that you have to seek out.  I wonder why the string on the masks appears in part II of Maus.  Maybe it signifies an act or how people don’t always identify as what they are, they can take off their mask easily as opposed to it being something that’s apart of them.  There are many ways to interpret this.  One thing that I thought of was how, today, people in America who are 2nd or 3rd generation don’t cling to their nationality or religion as heavily.  At least for Jews, there was a study done in I believe 2013 where it showed that 1 in 5 Jews describe themselves as having no religion.


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