Literacy Narrative Reflection

I really enjoyed this writing assignment.  I’ve always been fearful of writing and enjoyed the more relaxed writing style and process for this mini essay. I also appreciated how the word count wasn’t daunting and was super manageable. The free-writing was a great tool and base for the start of my narrative.  It allowed me to get my ideas out there on paper and then go back and form them in a cohesive and structured format. Free-writing is the start to the editing and improving process to ultimately reach the final work.

From writing my narrative I learned that as I got older, reading became less and less of a priority.  Reading used to be a reward. Having the opportunity to read a book before bed was incentive for good behavior. Now it’s seen as chore or a burden because it’s assigned which is so sad to me. However, I’ve come to appreciate reading for pleasure way more than before.

Through writing this narrative I realized how unappreciative I was of my mom’s devotion to encouraging me to read and is something I hope to pass on to my kids one day.  I also learned that I should actually commit to keeping a journal because that’s where I can freely express my thoughts and practice my writing simultaneously.

A sentence that I think readers would connect with, not necessarily find interesting is when I wrote, “Once I turned 10, it meant I said goodbye to “little kid” picture books and hello to “big kid” chapter books.”

Literacy Narrative 


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